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The Problem With Fanboys

Today has been a very boring day. Typically when I’m bored, I’ll hop onto Youtube and look up some music I haven’t heard in a while. Today followed that same routine, but with a slight alteration. I looked in the comments section.

Fuck me was that a big mistake! I’ve never seen so many butthurt twelve year-olds outside of a game of Call of Duty in my entire life! The things that they were talking about were so idiotic and illogical that I was tempted to comment myself and set them straight, but I didn’t. 

Rule #1: Don’t feed the trolls

If I would have commented calling out their fallacies in their comments, it would have only provided fuel for their attention-seeking minds to feed off of, which would then cause them to produce even more bullshit comments. Plus, I already saw that too many people had fallen victim to this same fate.

My qualm that I have with these brain-dead humans with an internet connection isn’t their taste in music, taste is very subjective and someone shouldn’t be faulted for it. My problem is their unwillingness to accept criticism, counterpoints or any type of rebuttal without taking it as a personal attack. 

I understand that music is a very personal medium and certain songs can hold very important memories, but just because someone doesn’t appreciate said song as much as you do doesn’t make he or she hate you as well. Like I stated before, music is very SUBJECTIVE meaning that it is up to everyone’s opinion what they like and dislike. It is in no way a representation of their stance towards you or anything else, it is just their opinion on the song.

Ok, that’s enough ranting for today :P 

Oh, and Happy Family Day! 

What Am I Doing Here?

So, we finally meet Tumblr. 

To be completely honest with you I have no idea why I all of a sudden had the urge to type this site into my address bar and create an account. Perhaps it was the suggestions made by a few friends of mine, maybe it was out of sheer boredom, or maybe it’s just another way to procrastinate. Regardless, I am now here, sitting in front of my computer, typing words into what is my first post on this blog. 

I have no idea what this blog is going to be focused on, how frequently I will post, or even if I’ll figure out anything past text based posts. For now, this blog will be an outlet for me to voice my opinion on things I enjoy, things that piss me off, I might even get a little introspective at times.

For those that find that kind of thing appealing, you’re obviously insane and should seek mental help immediately. If you choose to stay, that’s fine too. I’m not looking for anything on this social networking platform, I’m just here to vent. Stress in life can be overwhelming at times and I feel that I can benefit from a medium in which my opinions can be projected instead of being bottled up inside. 

If anyone is actually reading this, I can’t believe you’d actually spend time reading words that I’ve put down on a computer screen. The thought of someone willing interested in what I have to say is still a concept that baffles me to this very day. Having said that, I appreciate it very much. It is such a good feeling knowing that what you have to say is interesting to other people and that you aren’t just a stranger that gets dismissed every time someone passes him. So thank you, for being here.



Music, movies, video games. Those are pretty much the holy trinity of my life. Oh, and cats :P